Tea Gift Subscription
Tea Gift Subscription
Tea Gift Subscription
Tea Gift Subscription
Tea Gift Subscription

Tea Gift Subscription

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Searching for a great cup of tea? Our selection of teas includes the fine teas in all of these blends and is sold less than retail price.

The perfect gift for the tea lover you know. We pick your blend by hand. We ship them to your recipient as soon as they’re ready. Your tea will be organic, hand picked, and fresh just for you.

Each gift package includes:

  • Their favorite tea delivered monthly.
  • Hand selected from an assortment of white, green, black, oolong, rooibos, and herbal teas.
  • Choose your flavor preference.
  • Change your flavor anytime.
  • Always free shipping!

Just some of the blends:

White Tea
Barely processed or oxidized.Retains delicate, silky qualities of young tea buds. Low caffeine content.

Green Tea
Low oxidation due to heating of leaves after plucking. Keeps green color and antioxidants. Subtle effects of relaxing and refreshing taste. Low caffeine content.

Oolong Tea
Semi-oxidized, more so than green but less so than black teas. Full body flavor of black tea with the bright notes of green. Mid level caffeine content. Versatile and blends well.

Black Tea
Fully oxidized with most caffeine. Crushed leaves release flavors and antioxidants. Vary by region grown and grade of leaves. Often flavored, scented, or blended in wide variety.

 Farm to cup, fresh to your door. Doesn't get any better than that!