Native American Dark Horse
Native American Dark Horse

Native American Dark Horse

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Dark Horse is a favorite to start your day off right with our darkest roast because it contains the boldest and most flavorful beans. Available in 12 oz. to 5 pounds.

Our famous Sacred Grounds Dark Horse Blend is never over roasted, our Dark Roast coffees are always smooth tasting with a clean finish. No bitter aftertaste.

If you are a fan of dark roast coffee, then you will without a doubt fall in will love our Sacred Dark Horse. We roast the Brazilian beans until surface oils are heavy and glossy. Our goal was to offer a dark roast blend just like the dark roast coffee Native American's wanted: 100% specialty grade single origin coffee, with the roast thrown to it. The rich aroma of the coffee will have your taste buds excited before the first sip. It's the perfect coffee for anytime of the day, and goes especially well with sweet foods.

Addition Details:

  • 12 oz. - 1 lb. - 5 lbs.
  • Available in whole bean or ground.

Our darkest roast contains the boldest and deeply flavorful beans from a longer and more intense roast profile. For this roast, we selected a premium quality organic arabica coffee grown at the highest altitudes of the Latin American growing region. These high elevation beans retain their boldness and complexity under the intensity of a deeper roast.