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Mexican Altura Coatepec

Mexican Altura Coatepec

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The finest Mexican coffee brings the flavor right to your cup!

Mexican Coffee – Altura Coatepec

This Mexican coffee is roasted to order. The fresh flavor is smooth and fragrant with a good taste and appearance. Altura Coffee defines the high altitude (around 6000 feet) where the coffee is grown. Generally speaking the higher the altitude the better quality.

Coatepec, Veracruz is known for its coffee, and referred to as the Mexican capitol of coffee. Coatepec is popular about food tradition is popular in C is (Tamales, Chilaquiles, Enmoladas, Gorditas, Lupitas, enfrijoladas, etc).

The Coffee Club is roasting and brewing the best coffees available anywhere. We carefully select only the top beans in the Coatepec region, creating distinctive blends full of flavor and aroma.

We roast the finest Mexican coffee to bring the flavor right to your cup!

The heart of our company reflects our values. We are a family owned and operated coffee roaster with the passion and appreciation for great coffee.  Our Mexican Altura Coffee is an artisan blended by hand with only the finest beans in Coatepec, Mexico.

Coffee Club Coffee Roasters is a roast-to-order micro roaster established in 1995. Our Roast master, Gabe Roberts, roast with a Diedrich drum roaster. Using state of the art infrared burners in a ceramic cone, our Diedrich delivers a soft low-temperature heat signature that allow us to achieve the optimum in roasting standards.

Ellie and Daddy Bill started the parent company in a empty medal building. No bank debt in the early days, just hard work and a determination to serve the customers with impeccable service with a cup of the best coffee on the market.   That is exactly what you get today.   “A Smile with Every Sip”.   We have built our business on relationships.   If you call, we answer the phone. It is our mission to make you come back.

Coffee Club has a great cup of coffee from Mexico. We are a passionate small batch coffee roaster.

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