French Roast   Riviera  (Organic)

French Roast Riviera (Organic)

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Coffee Description
"Like No Other French Roast Coffee" - We start with the finest quality organic coffee beans from Africa, the Americas, and the East Indies (the exact blend remains our secret). Then we slow roast each bean to a rich, dark finish.

You get a superb cup of coffee that delivers a luxurious and full aroma, a rich satisfying taste, with exceptional body and balance. Then the tingling surprise - a smooth and pleasant finish (after-taste). Never harsh and never bitter.

French Roast Riviera is a truly delightful specialty coffee you can enjoy and serve at any occasion. Certified Organic.

Features At A Glance
 Five pounds (5#) of French Roast Riviera Organic coffee
 Please specify ground or whole bean when ordering
 Available in regular and decaf

 Packaged in an air-tight, heat sealed, one-way black valve bag
 Valve bags come with re-sealable tape to help keep your coffee fresher, longer
 This coffee is Roasted Fresh - see our Roasting and Shipping Cycle

 French Roast Riviera Organic is another of our exclusive coffees - available nowhere else
 This classic darker roast is characterized by a glistening oily sheen on the bean's surface