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French Roast - Cafe Bordeaux Coffee.

French Roast coffee features a dark rich bold, and hearty body coffee. It is an extremely dark roast, almost black which results in a delectably smoky cup, intense and bold. Our French Roast is a blend of Central America's coffee along with Colombian beans which are small batch roasted.

French Roast Coffee
Characteristics – Our darkest roast, smoky and bittersweet
Origin – Central Americas
Roast – Darkest
Body – Full
Acidity – Low

This coffee is exceptional because of its flavor, character and drinkablity.  That’s at the core of why we put so much care and attention into our country french roast blend. We take it slow and easy to roast this coffee.

We pride ourselves in capturing a dark roast without the harsh, bitter, burnt,  flavor that so often comes in a dark roast. Our French Roast is a coffee with presence, and a body that is smooth and deliciously heavy.

This is a wonderful coffee with bold, rich intense taste. The coffee is roasted longer than any of our other roast. We wait all the way through the second crack. This is a critical time as the roast becomes very dark, the smoke is more pungent as sugars burn completely, and the bean structure breaks down more and more. As the end of second crack approaches we achieve a beautiful French roast.

Coffee Club is a roaster of gourmet quality, handcrafted coffees.

Inspired by the style and ambiance of a french restaurant in the Bordeaux region of France.   More than anyone else, French people are reputed worldwide for their manners - romance and the art of enjoying life.  Enjoy sip-by-sip as if you were on the streets of Bordeaux.  Experience this classic Country French Roast coffee with a wonderful full note finish.   For this reason, the most beautiful love stories begin with a coffee, and not only in Paris - mostly in the small café which is situated on the most pleasant square in Bordeaux region in France.  After dinner we will serve you the traditional strong and black french roast coffee.

When you buy coffee online from the Coffee.Club, you are shopping from a diverse selection of the best coffee beans from around the world.  We roast 100% Arabica beans. We roast the sweeter, smoother, more flavorful, full-bodied Arabica beans.

We hope you enjoy the dazzling beauty and brilliance of this blend, cup after cup. Many of our people like Sumatran

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