Italian Espresso

Italian Espresso

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This dark, Italian roast of select 100% Arabica coffee beans will have you living boldly.  Ideal for espresso and cappuccino aficionados.  Our most popular coffee blend, our Italian Roast Espresso is a heavy and rich dark roast coffee.

Italian Espresso is our most popular coffee blend, our Italian Roast Espresso is a heavy and rich dark roast coffee. It features a blend of Italian roasted beans that are very oily and black in color, and is ideal for an espresso or even as an iced coffee. This Italian roast makes a superb, full-bodied pot of coffee and is our most popular blend.


Italian Espresso Coffee is roasted fresh immediately prior to packaging

  • These Espresso Coffee beans are slow-roasted to bring out the flavor.
  • Whole bean coffee stays fresher longer.
  • The most popular coffee roasted by the Coffee Club

Traditionally roasted, this espresso is lighter in roast profile, but big in flavor. Nutty, spicy flavor with a big bite. A traditional Northern still espresso, The Coffee Club offers a long, bittersweet and complex experience as a straight shot, and compliments the steamed milk perfectly in your cappuccino or latte.


Cup characteristics: Rich, balanced and aromatic, this espresso starts with a distinct hazelnut-chocolate aroma and progresses to sweet chocolate, toasted nut and caramel flavors in the cup, with subtle citric acidity. It finishes with a rich and lingering aftertaste. When used in other brewing methods, citrus and dried fruit notes add to the complexity and depth.

Recommended Brew: 25-33 second shot, timed from the first drip, at 198°-201°. Dose and tamp according to your brand or port filter and basket (size varies). Also works very well in an Aeropress, Chemex pour-over, French press and auto-drip.

Dark roast coffees are very popular right now, so if you are starting a cafe, or you’re just looking for a coffee as rich and dark as some “other guys,” definitely check this one out. This is how the Northern Italians and Southern French like their coffee.