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Guatemala Antigua
Guatemala Antigua
Guatemala Antigua
Guatemala Antigua
Guatemala Antigua

Guatemala Antigua

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I love this coffee of it's lingering sweetness taste from the micro-lot of small farm. It is a coffee you may drink all day.

Guatemala Coffee is roasted from beans grown by small family farmers, who grow sustainable coffee at high altitude under shade. We love that each bean tells a story.

The taste of each variety and blend of the Guatemala Coffee can vary dramatically with the length of the roast cycle. So we monitor the roasting process with diligence.

The result? A taste like a stroke of genius—and the savoring of a perfect beginning. It is fantastic as a brewed cup of coffee, and also works great as an espresso.

Flavor Profile - Sweet and aromatic with a well-balanced finish.

Antigua Guatemala Coffee derives from a bean grown in the Antigua region and brews a memorable smokey, spicy and sensual cup of coffee.

Most of Guatemalan coffees are shade-grown by the hands of smallholder farmers and larger estates.

Guatemala produces some of the highest quality coffees in Central America. There are at least 8 different micro climates in Guatemala, each exhibiting distinct cup characteristics. Qualities of vivid, effervescent acidity, found in the Highland Hue-hue Region, differ dramatically from the balanced, sweet, and round coffees grown in the volcanic soil of Antigua.

There are dramatic differences in elevation and climate can produce a completely different coffee from a farmer's close neighbor.

Santa Clara is located in the southern slopes of the Antigua Valley, between 5,100 and 6,000 feet, is privileged to have one of the finest volcanic soils to produce specialty coffee. The preservation of its natural condition is a priority for the owners. The plantation is also under a very strict control of shade, allowing the coffee trees to receive the exact amount of sunshine required to produce this fine, exquisite and aromatic coffee. The hand picked fruit is processed and washed in a traditional mill with crystal clear water. Then patiently sun dried for days in patios, giving each bean a distinctive blue-green color. This sun dried coffee has the highest standards of quality in Antigua. Every step in the mill is monitored constantly to maintain the quality.

The Organic Guatemala 'Santiago Atitlan' Fair-Trade coffee is as luxurious in taste as the area of land it is grown on in Guatemala – Lake Atitlan. With a distinctively flavored, complex flavor, a medium-heavy body, and a truly mesmerizing aroma that feels both indulgent and rustic at the same time, the organic fair-trade beans from Guatemala's 'Santiago Atitlan' are coffee beans worth experiencing!

Guatemala takes coffee seriously, and the Lake Atitlan area fosters perfect bean growth. With over 300 farmers in the area that have been certified organic, the care and perfection that goes into these beans is one-of-a-kind. Not only does the climate work in favor of these organic Guatemalan coffee beans, but many of the workers (with deep rooted Mayan ancestry) go above and beyond to wet-process the fair-trade coffee.

However, the lake is the most important resource for these organic Guatemala 'Santiago Atitlan' beans. By utilizing Lake Atitlan, which is surrounded by mountains and three volcanoes, fresh water improved bean conditions instead of pesticides. With these impeccable natural conditions and the coffee being grown under shade trees, a strong biodiversity of the region as well as the habitat has enhanced from past deforestation conditions.

If you are looking for a naturally superior coffee bean that features a taste exquisite to its land, the Organic Guatemala 'Santiago Atitlan' will make you feel like you took a trip to Guatemala to hand pick the beans yourself!

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